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The smart choice: 4/4 full colour business cards

Are you using 4/4 color business cards?
4/4 color refers to the full photographic (unlimited) colors on both sides of the business card.

Color business cards have become very popular in the last few years as the cost of producing them are coming down. Color business cards look better, are more effective and give better results than your standard business cards. Have you ever swapped business cards with someone only to feel embarrassed about your business card when you see their flashy well designed business card. There is no need to be. 4/4 color business cards are widely available nowadays, and available very cheaply.

Imagine a person receives 2 business cards from 2 gift shops. One is a standard with a 3 color logo and contact details on the front of the business card. The other is a 4/4 full color business card with product pictures on the back. If the person was looking to purchase gifts and they were looking through their business cards which one do you think would stand out?

Next, imagine a person receives 2 business cards from a computer repairman. One is a standard black and white business card with contact details on the front and services offered on the back. The other is a 4/4 color business card with a photo of himself on the back next to his services offered. Which do you think the person would first contact if they came in need of a computer repairman.

With 4/4 color printing there are many things you can do that you cannot do in limited colors or black and white. Looking at just the examples above you will be able to make your business cards stand out more, offer more information about your products including product images, or make your business card more personal (by including your photo on the card people will feel like they have already met you and feel more comfortable in contacting you).

4/4 Full color business cards have been shown to give a 20% better conversion rate than normal business cards and can definitely give a better first impression than your standard 1-3 color business cards. With these statistics it seems hard to debate whether color business cards are necessary for your business. I think for the great majority of businesses, full color business cards come at such a little cost and can give such a great first impression of your company, putting across the impression of your business being modern, stylish, professional and together with product pictures or photographs of people can help make your business much more 'familiar' and trustworthy, providing you with better contact rates from your distributed business cards.

So don't waste anytime! Come up with a creative, bright, well designed color business card that represents your business well, and you will surely see the results. Get the leap on your competitors!

24.09.2008. 04:52

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